Investment Style & Objectives

Ascende Capital Private Limited predominantly invests in proven industry leading businesses globally, with the aim of establishing long term investments that consistently generate average 10-15% annual investment returns.

As the description suggests, the “Grow Safely” philosophy attempts to seek growth whilst managing risks. It uses the underlying strategy of predominantly investing in :

  1. 1.proven quality industry leading companies,

  2. 2.that have structural growth drivers propelling their continued economic growth, whereby

  3. 3.their price is reasonable or temporarily depressed.

In other words, we seek out good quality assets at temporarily discounted prices. “Established quality assets”, by definition, have a history of consistently demonstrating their ability to add value for investors.

Rule #1: Never lose money Rule #2: Never forget rule #1

– Warren Buffett

Structural growth drivers act like “wind behind the back”, propelling the companies’ continued growth over long period of time, providing relative predictability and reduced risks environment to investors. And by carefully scaling into these quality investments at reasonable or depressed prices, we aim to deliver good returns with relatively “reduced risks”.

Our investments focus on the US and Asian markets. The US capital market is the world’s most established and the NYSE & NASDAQ are home to most of the global leading companies (as well as many top tier Chinese companies). Therefore, it is the market for the world’s leading companies, not just for US domestic companies. In 2010, Non-US revenue accounted for about 47% of total sales of S&P500 companies. These global companies will always deploy their focus onto where economic growth is.

The China economic growth story is a structural one, especially the urbanization of its rural, cities & population lifestyle. Hence it makes sense to deploy capital to benefit from this theme for long term growth. However, China’s local market is not currently easily accessible to foreigners. In addition, there’s also the transparency stigma associated with chinese companies. At present, our China strategy is mainly through the US or HK listed Chinese companies, and Australian natural resources companies exporting to China.

“Grow Safely” Philosophy

US, Asia & Australia Focused

The past is usually a good indicator of the future. Hence, there is high probability these assets will continue to grow value in the future. Investments are like employees. We all like to hire employees who have consistent good historical performances because there is high probability they will consistently deliver good results in the future.

Ascende utilizes its “Grow Safely” philosophy to balance growth and risks management. It combines fundamental research to seek out quality investments and technical analysis to establish entry & exit price points for those investments.